Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public

Practice Areas & Experience:

Mrs. Miller-Frazer's services includes practice areas inclusive of, but not limited to, criminal defense, domestic, and property matters.

Her experience began in a small but high volume firm focusing on criminal defense. Eventually she migrated to another firm's financial services group with a focus in companies and and financial services related thereto.

In 2022 Mrs. Miller-Frazer formed Miller-Frazer & Co. and has since offered services in a number of practice areas.


Seattle University; Seattle, WA, USA
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice: Administration of Justice

Seattle University School of Law; Seattle, WA, USA
Juris Doctor

Bahamas Institute of Financial Services; New Providence, Bahamas
Certificate in Taxation

Eugene Dupuch Law School; New Providence, Bahamas
Legal Education Certificate

Bahamas Institute of Financial Services; New Providence, Bahamas
Certificate in Wealth Management

Bahamas Institute of Financial Services; New Providence, Bahamas
Certificate in Mastering Mortgages

Bar Memberships:

District of Columbia Bar Association; Washington D.C., USA
Bahamas Bar Association; New Providence, Bahamas


A consultation is an opportunity to obtain legal advice on a specific legal issue. It is also an opportunity to gauge whether the attorney is a good fit to assist you through completion of your matter. Consultations are the best time to ask all of the questions you may have with regard to your specific legal issue. Maximize the time by bringing all relevant documentation with you or providing them to your attorney prior to your meeting.



Our services include primarily matters requiring court appearances. Consultations are key prior to any court appearance to assist you in the best available options. It also assists in determining whether you have an appetite for trial, and to make the best decisions with the end in mind. Court appearances are generally required in criminal, civil and domestic matters. Fees are dependent on the court in which the matter is to be heard in and the complexity of the case.



Some matters do not require court appearances. Specifically, but by no means limited to, non-contentions probate applications, drafting of legal documents (power of attorney, wills, affidavits of birth, notary services, conveyancing, etc.) and other services may be rendered without court appearances. In instances where the next step is unclear, book a consultation to determine the nature of the service required.

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