07 Mar

 Branding your business is essentially setting aside your business from another. This is often includes visual representation with your logo, color scheme, fonts, etc. It also means protecting the way you present your business to ensure that other persons are unable to use your “look” for profit without adequately compensating you.

Likewise, it is imperative before using certain visual elements to ensure that the use of those elements aren’t protected. Logos particularly have made their way onto promotional items and products common in the Bahamas that are protected locally and internationally but are being used for profit with no compensation to the owner. 

You have most likely been asked to share a friend or colleague’s flyer for an event or business. If you have a business of your own, you run the risk of confusing your target audience by promoting other businesses whether or not they offer a similar service or product as you. You aren’t able to distinguish your BRAND from what is going on in that other flyer. You also aren’t certain if any legal rights have been breached. It is always best to seek legal advice on how to protect your work when building your brand, and to avoid legal pitfalls that could cost you and your business in the long run. Always consider: 

  • what you are posting before you post it
  • whether it’s likely protected work (if someone is making money selling it to you, then its most likely protected)
  • legal advice when you are uncertain

It’s never a problem until it becomes a problem.

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